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S-Mark Equipment Leasing can arrange financing for all types of business equipment from A to Z. Almost any equipment essential to your business can be leased...virtually anything new or used.  Even equipment you already own can be sold to a leasing company and leased back to free up working capital.  Thoughtful, knowledgeable, experienced staff help you with your lease transaction. If you're not sure whether or not you can lease it, give us a call.

 Here is a partial list of business equipment that can be leased: 
arcade games                           generators                                       popcorn makers
ATMs                                            heart monitors                                postage machines
automotive equipment             heavy machinery                             printers
bar equipment                           hospital equipment                        printing presses
binders/cutters                          ice machines                                   production equipment
broadcast equipment              jackhammers                                   pumps
CAD/CAM systems                   juke boxes                                        recycling equipment
camera equipment                   lab testing equipment                    restaurant equipment
change machines                     labeling machines                         scientific equipment
check scanners                         lathes                                                security systems
computer & networks               machine tools                                  silkscreen equipment
computer peripherals              mailing equipment                          simulators
construction equipment          manufacturing equipment              snack machines
conveyors                                   material handling equipment        soft drink dispensers
copiers                                        medical equipment                         software
CT scanners                              medical instruments                       surveillance equipment
dental equipment                      mining equipment                           surveying equipment
dictation equipment                  MRI machines                                  telephone systems
digital cameras                          multiplexers                                      transformers
electrical equipment                 office furniture                                   vending machines
environmental equipment       optical equipment                             video equipment
exam tables                                packaging equipment                     water coolers
facsimile equipment                 paging systems                               water purification equip.
farm equipment                         pallet jacks                                        welders
file cabinets                                photo processing equipment        workstations
food processing equipment    photographic studio equipment    x-ray machines
forklifts                                         physical therapy equipment  

Call us at (407) 841-0022 if the equipment you want to lease is not on the list.  

Any time you are shopping for equipment for your business, give us a call.  You do not have to use the vendor’s finance company.  In fact, if you are buying several items for your business from different vendors, your leasing rate factors can be reduced based on the total dollar amount, and you can have ONE payment.  Tell your vendors that you have your own leasing source… S-Mark Equipment Leasing.


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